Original Contemporary Wall Art Creations

The above creations are original conceptualization of expressionistic paintings and sculptures combined to come up with an out-of-the-box contemporary art form in the field of creative arts by Jon Gabriel.

If you are looking for contemporary wall art that will best suit your modern day home and office interior or if you are unsure what to hang on your blank walls and wondering what types of artworks to lay-on, Jon’s creations may be your one-of-kind solution.

Creative Arts, Architecture and Interior Design

As an Artist and Architectural / Interior Designer himself, Jon’s works are crafted to adapt to most contemporary and modern interior designs, though when composed and placed appropriately, most of them may as well be adaptable to traditional interior walls. Jon also made quite a number of custom-made artworks for most of his clientele in his home land, the Philippines.

While some Interior design clients benefited his self-crafted space saving mini-bars and other custom-made furnishings as product of his childhood-carpentry hobby, most customers were happy to have acquired his artworks.

Passion, Style and Conceptualization

With the kind of wall arts that he does, he would one day, love to create artworks for celebrities and supermodels or figure-art lovers who would wish their own bodies and faces carved similar to the above creations. He would likewise welcome pet-lovers who would love their pets crafted.

Jon has a strong passion in conceptualizing new design ideas though his extra skills in his own rights have never been used fully well in his fresh years of residency in Phoenix. He strongly believes that no matter what motif or architectural style people choose for their home and office interior, nobody can get away with having their family rooms or conference rooms a mixture of modern and contemporary inclined interior designs with all the hi-tech finishes of computers and TV sets in this metal age.

Thank you for visiting Jon Gabriel’s Wall Arts and we look forward to hearing from you.

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